How does environmental sustainability fit with the organisation business plan?

A sustainable organisation is a profitable and competitive organisation. Business sustainability reflected in the goals and practices of the organisation business plan can also contribute to environmental sustainability. Organisation practices can reduce costs, differentiate an organisation products and services from their competitors and promote a better corporate image.

The concept of clean, green production is to produce products with less waste and less pollutants. Environmental management has often focussed on dealing with pollutants and waste at the end of the production process.

Clean production starts with process design and how a process can be designed to be more effective in its use of resources, improving outcomes of process and minimising waste. Cleaner production has an economic pay off in that it produces the required products with fewer inputs. Production processes are designed to improve resource utilisation producing more with less. Where an organisation in its planning processes is concerned with planning and implementing processes where there is improved resource utilisation then the organisation will also be adding to their long term if not short-term profit.

Business planning which promotes clean and green production can offer the following benefits.

• Productions costs are reduced when inputs are closely matched to the outputs required • There is less reliance on resources with better purchasing decisions made

• With their being less waste, there is a better environment for later generations.

• There is less likelihood of contamination of sites and hence better use of land

• The current environment is improved because of the absence of waste and emissions into the atmosphere