The organisation's internal and external environment

The organisation’s internal environment

The following influences have an impact on the organisation’s internal environment: • organisational culture and image

• strength of policies and procedures

• organisational structure

• quality and continuous improvement approach

• private or public organisational structure

• top-down management leadership or a teams approach

• competitive pressures or lack of competitive pressures

• budget pressures

• restructuring and change

• organisational social activities – programmed and otherwise.

Consider: How well your organisations arts against each item?

The organisation’s external environment

Threats and opportunities from the organisation’s external environment might be derived from the following:

• the strength of the economy • political/social change

• industrial relations issues

• competitive pressures

• technological change

• market factors.

Plans can help the organisation to:

• defend itself from threats and

• take opportunities.

Consider: How well your organisations arts against each item?

Do you work with an organisation that knows and manages it internal and external environment effectively?