How might you get support for refinements and improvements to services provided?

Including all members of your team is more likely to result in ownership and implementation of improvements in services provided and service provision. Improvements and the change process that supports their implementation should be the subject of team meetings, with suggestions for refinements to services to be backed by research with responsibility accepted by individual team members for their role in the change process.

Often refinement of services will require the use of a structured approach to solving problems that may have arisen. Structured problem solving means working through a standard process to solve a problem. There are many problem-solving approaches.

The following approach is offered for you evaluation and use.

Step 1 – Determine the facts that are relevant to a particular problem,

Step 2 – Try to state the problem in a single sentence starting with words such as: How to …

Step 3 – Determine the immediate goals to be met if the problem is to be solved and where appropriate any long-term goals that should be achieved in solving a problem

Step 4 – Consider possible alternative solutions to a problem. Be open to doing things differently

Step 5 – Evaluate possible alternative solutions using criteria that would indicate the optimal solution to a problem. Criteria could include, the cost of a particular solution, the impact on individuals within the team

Step 6 – Plan a course of action for implementing the preferred solution. You may involve team members and other relevant people that contribute ideas on how the optimal solution will be actioned

Step 7 – Implement the problem with a set of indicators that will tell you over time whether the problem has been solved.

Step 8 – Evaluate the implementation:

  • Were there unexpected problems?
  • Were there unexpected successes?
  • Would you do it differently if you ahd your time over?
  • Lessons learned?