Howard was very organised, enthusiastic, engaging and energetic with all of the participants. I found that the course was not rushed; ample time was given to all activities and all of the information presented in the Participants’ Workbook was covered.

The scenarios were completed in small and large groups and then Howard became one of the key roles within the scenarios and acted the part brilliantly to the larger group. This approach enriched the program for the participants and also provided them with a new way of looking at what can happen when you are a supervisor. Howard’s acting ability was very entertaining and really provided the participants with another way of learning. We felt that the message that he was trying to convey to all was received. ‘You can be prepared for a conversation, but not all things go to plan.’ This was a very useful and helpful approach for the participants.

Howard was very supportive of the different learning styles within the group and adapted his style accordingly. He was able to keep the group engaged for the entire day. He appeared to be very comfortable facilitating this course and has a unique style of teaching that was enjoyed by the participants.

As the course reviewer I gained feedback from a few of the participants who had said that “Howard is a great facilitator and I hope I get him again.’ They like his sense of humour and thought the way he explained the topic was easy to follow and engaging.

Thanks for everything especially for your patience and professionalism.
— Joanne

Those who give of their time are truly generous. Just saying thank you doesn’t seem enough. I hope you know how appreciated you really are.
— Claire